Miner’s Cottage Rammed Into Cliffside

Oh how I would love to be able to go on another little summer jaunt to the peak district and stay in a lovely cottage.  I did this last year, when the Olympics were on and we had the most wonderful fairy tale weekend away.  Just daughter and me, no dogs, no partners.  We walked everywhere that we could and enjoyed strolling around the little market town nearby.

One thing that did amuse us was the rather dramatic steps up the side of a mountain of slate, the house having been a miners’ cottage originally, it had no garden, but did have 4 small terraced patios, at various stages down the 135 metal clad stairs. There was a front door, but the cottage was directly on the road all bar a tiny little bit of pavement – how anyone gets furniture into that place is beyond me, but a feat of building expertise all the same!

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